What should we expect
when we hire you?

You will experience joy, great joy, at your wedding pictures.

You will love to look at your wedding album again and again. You will discover how invisible a photographer can be and with what good feeling you can enjoy your long-planned wedding day if you give such an experienced wedding photographer such as myself the responsibility for the success of your wedding photos. That, I can handle. And, believe me, I will handle it with the utmost care.

You can expect absolute professionalism – I have more than 20 years of photographic experience under my belt.

You can expect my heart and soul and a tremendous amount of respect coming from the fact that you picked me to be your photographer.


How are you different
from other photographers?

You will love my photos. I listen well, find out your needs, and translate them into pictures. Twenty years of experience and twenty years of continuous improvement have defined my photographic style – my unique way of creating pictures.

I look forward to the moment when I can present you with the finished wedding photos. I look forward to that moment, where you might try to hide that one tear of happiness or let it flow freely. Then, when you are fully and entirely satisfied, I know that I have done my work well.

Do you photograph differently
than your colleagues?

Yes, I am unique as both a person and photographer.

By that, I don’t claim to necessarily be a better photographer than my colleagues. I have my style of photography, and I believe that you like the way I photograph, otherwise you would not have read this far.

I bring with me the newest and most advanced technical equipment—equipment that is often much more advanced and valuable than that of my colleagues. Lenses that frame you as the married couple in an unforgettably beautiful fashion. 3+ of the latest cameras guarantee reliability without a doubt.

And, I have integrated this equipment into my methodology, to the point where I’ve internalized which situation demands which setting and no longer need to think about it.

I have the intuition for this methodology. I have an intrinsic feeling for when I need to be where to perfectly capture emotive moments.


Why should we choose you
to be our photographer?

Hundreds of couples have already been accompanied by me on the path that you too will take.

In my 20 years accompanying weddings I have never received a complaint, and there has never been a problem.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. I know what I can do, but make sure to acknowledge my limits.

What qualities does a photographer have
to have to create great pictures?

A photographer has to be mentally, physically, and intellectually sound. A professional appearance and an experienced handling of interpersonal contact with people from all walks of life are the basic requirements.

I work well with people and can motivate and lead large groups for group photos.

A photographer needs more than just photographic talent. He needs experience in dealing with all sorts of people. He has to work well with children (I myself have two small children, and am ‘crisis-proof’ thank to my angels).

I keep my cool in all situations and always keep some sweets with me for kids that become restless during the service, keeping the peace and allowing the focus to stay on the essentials of the day.


How has your
experience shaped you?

I wear shoes whose soles are silent on church floors, never chew gum, there is no loud loose change in my pocket, and my appearance is professional and impeccable. My car is washed and ready for a bow, if needed.

I can bark, which has brought untold numbers of dogs to actually look into the camera while a picture is being taken. As an added side benefit, the barks make all the kids around me laugh. I dress dark and discreetly to let me be invisible, but am still around every time something happens that is important to you. I don’t use flash in the church, and my shutter is muted so as to not disturb the occasion.

I can sense if or when the officiant does not wish to be photographed, and I have never missed the first kiss.

My camera bag always contains a small stuffed animal that can perch on my cameras during group photos that include many children. It can even find its way home with one of them if they so want it.

I will arrive before you at the desired location, and will already be set up before you arrive. I will have already scouted out the location to find the most fitting photo spots.

How has your
experience shaped you?

If your wedding is two hours or farther away from my home, I will make sure to spend the night close by to reliably show up well-rested to the settled location.

I will remind the bride at the entrance to the church to walk slowly to allow as many photos as possible of the occasion. My car has a second pair of shirts, pants, and shoes. My camera bag contains a small umbrella to protect the bride’s hair in case of a surprise downpour.

I always keep a small pocketknife with me, which has proven invaluable in freeing rings that were bound too tightly to the ring pillow. For the emotional aunt or grandmother, I will have tissues in my pocket. My phone is set to silent and your phone number is saved in case important questions need to be resolved. The entire evening’s schedule is in my head and also printed out in my camera bag.

I will remember who your parents, siblings, friends, and best man/maid of honor are, will not interrupt or run into the way of videographers, and will coordinate with possible fellow photographers. I won’t help myself uninvited to the wedding buffet and will gladly answer any guest questions about my impressive camera setup, and might even invite them to a photography workshop.


What can happen when we
hire you as our photographer?

You should expect that I will gladly also photograph you as a happily married couple, with a baby bump, or once your angel is born or baptized.

You might get the urge to visit me occasionally in my studio for a cup of coffee or tea.

There will always be the danger that I shed a tear of joy as well when you do upon seeing the finished photos.

Your friends can have the same wedding photographer as you.

If all of this sounds good to you, then I happily await your call or email.

To a beautiful time together.